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Our Mission

A secure, scalable and privacy-respecting way for exchanging digital credentials locally and internationally
One place for all your credentials

Emer wants to create a life insurance policy for which the insurance company has requested proof of identity. ‘Great’ she says ‘I’ll use my Emerald TrustWallet.

Create an Emerald TrustWallet account

Emer acquires her credentials from trusted utilities by scanning the QR code or using weblinks, through the TrustWallet app from the respective utility websites that partner with Emerald.

Share your credentials through TrustWallet

With her verified TrustWallet, Emer now can follow the link sent by the Insurance company and share the credentials she now holds and owns in her wallet.

Have your credentials verified instantly

The Insurance company validates the credentials across the Emerald Network and opens the insurance policy. The policy can also be added to the TrustWallet and Emer continues to build up her digital credentials for use across other TrustWallet partners.

About Us

Emerald is a consortium of interested parties with a common ambition

Founded by a consortium of public and private sector companies to advance secure, self-sovereign identity and credential sharing for the island of Ireland. Initially championed by Irish Life, the insurance company, the consortium is growing and includes the Irish Government and a host of blue-chip organisations

It is to exist as a public good, governed by a Trust Document and charter, and managed by a Board of Trustees for the benefit of all. Seen as a utility to serve a public good, companies and individuals can enjoy savings and growth by leveraging the Emerald capabilities.

Emerald itself does not exist to make a profit and promotes universal access to those with a legitimate interest in activity taking place on or with citizens of the island of Ireland. While that is the broad focus we are also keen to support inter-operability with international digital identity schemes as that becomes feasible and appropriate. At all times the right of the individual to choose whether to participate is sacrosanct.

All your identity credentials,
in one safe place



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